Help and FAQs

2. ProSkills Short course subscription

2.1. Payments

How are payments handled?

You pay with your credit card directly using our payment processor (we use Stripe). 

Can I use my Provet Business Development Fund allocation or Provet Plus Points to pay for my subscription?

Yes. Please contact Crampton Consulting Group directly to apply to use these funds. Upon confirmation of the funds, you will be supplied with a voucher that can be used in the website store to purchase either individual courses or a subscription. For subscriptions, the monthly fee is deducted from the available balance on your voucher. When there is insufficient balance remaining, the subscription cost will be deducted from the credit card details you provide.

How do you store my credit card details?

Your credit card number and security code are never stored on the ProvetCCG website. The store’s payment gateway gives this sensitive information directly to the payment processor. Our store complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), which apply to anyone storing, processing or transmitting credit card data. (More info at

We use Stripe as the payment processors. Stripe gives you the option to “store” credit cards via a secure method called tokenization.

What is this tokenized payment method you use for my credit card?

Tokenized payment methods can be used for recurring payments or for convenience in future purchases by the logged-in customer. Credit card tokens include the last four digits of a card, the card brand/type, and its expiration date, mostly so you can identify which token is for which card.

Tokenization is extremely secure. With tokenization, your actual credit card information is stored on the servers of the payment processor. The only data saved on our site is in the form of a string of characters called a token. These tokens are designed to be useless outside the precise context they’re created for.

For further details relating to credit card payments via Stripe payment provider, please visit the Stripe Privacy Center (

Tokens are super-specific — specific to the customer, specific to our website, specific to the payment gateway’s payment processor, and specific to our merchant account with that processor. If any of those factors aren’t precise, the token won’t work as a placeholder for a customer’s payment information.

Payment gateways that allow tokenization will require your site to meet higher security standards set by the payment processors, and those standards are described in the documentation for each payment gateway.

Do I get a refund if I cancel partway through the month?

Should you choose to cancel your subscription, access to the online courses will expire at the end of the subscription month. There are no refunds available if you cancel partway through a month

Is the monthly payment due 1 month from the day I sign up or on the 1st of the month?

Monthly payments will be taken on the anniversary of your sign-up date. For example, if you signed up on the 12th of the month then your subscription renews on the 12th of every month. If you sign up on 31st of a month, then for months when there are less that 31 days the renewal will happen on the last day of that month.

Can I change my billing date?

Yes. This may be done manually by a CCG support person. Please note: an administration fee and prorated fee (to account for any time that is added to the current billing cycle renewal date) may be added. For assistance, please email CCG support via and be sure to include:

  • What DATE of the month you would like your billing cycle changed to. Please note this must be a date of the month (i.e. 14th); it cannot be a day (i.e. second Tuesday of the month).
  • Your account owner’s name and Team name
  • Account changes will be made within 5 business days so please note that your request must be submitted at least 6 business before your next payment is due to be actioned.