Help and FAQs

2. ProSkills Short course subscription

What is included in the subscription?

All 150+ ProSkills Short courses covering a variety of topics such as Customer Service, Leadership and Management, Team Skills, and Clinical Skills. You can see the full list of included courses in the ProvetCCG Shop at

I bought a subscription from the CCG Shop. How do I link it to ProSkills Training website?

To do so, log in to the ProvetCCG Shop website. Log in there and navigate to My Account > Dashboard > My membership then use the ‘View’ button. On th next page click 'Take this course' button. Allow a minute or so for the site to set up you access to the subscription. If you then click 'Access courses' button you will be transferred to the ProSkills training site and logged in.

How do I find out what courses are appropriate for my or my team member’s level?

In the ProSkills Online website, go to your Dashboard. At the top of the dashboard there is a Tag Cloud showing the various course topic areas (clinical skills, customer service, leadership, team communication, etc.) and suggested audience (Training VN, Graduate VN, Advanced VN, Veterinarian). Clicking on one of these tags will list the associated courses.

Is there a limit to the number of courses I can complete in a month on a subscription?

There is no limit. You can do as many ProSkills short courses as you wish.  

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

Yes!  ProSkills subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. To do so, log in to the ProvetCCG website and navigate to My Account > Dashboard > Subscriptions then use the ‘View’ button beside your subscription name. Use the ‘Cancel’ button to cancel your renewal. Once cancelled, your subscription will expire at the end of the current subscription month and all subscription members will no longer be able to access the subscribed ProSkills short courses.

Can I still buy an annual subscription?

To offer you the most flexible program, our annual subscription model has been replaced by a monthly subscription model.

What if I just want to sign up for individual courses?

Individual courses can be purchased outside of our subscription model should this better suit your requirements. Individual course enrolments provide access to the chosen course for 12 months.

Can I still use my existing ProSkills account?

Yes. Any account you, or team members you invite, create on the ProvetCCG website will be linked to the current ProSkills Online account provided that you use the same email address is used for both accounts.