Help and FAQs

1. Access tokens

Getting into your course using an Access Token (License Key) is a simple, two step process:

  1. Create your login for the training site (or log in if you already have one), then
  2. Enrol in the course using an Access Token (License Key) (usually provided in your purchase confirmation email or from you workplace manager)
Step One: Create your log in.

NB: If you already have a profile on this ProSkills Online course website (e.g. you have previously done a course there) then you may skip straight to Step 2.

Step Two: Enrol in the course

  • Log in to this website using the username and password you created for the site.
  • Click this tab  siderbar tabon the top left side of the page, to open your sidebar.
    Open sidebar
  • Enter the Access Token (License Key) you received in your purchase confirmation email or from your manager into the field labelled 'Token' and click ‘Claim’. (Please note: the token is case sensitive and must be entered exactly.)
  • Confirm your course redemption by clicking on the course name. This enrols you to the course and takes you to your course page.
  • You can also access your course, at any time, from your My Courses Dashboard (My coursesin the top menu bar) by clicking on the course listing.
  • Contact if you are still having problems.