Clinical Intelligence: Essential Radiography

Essential Radiography course gives you a comprehensive understanding of the process and techniques of everyday procedures using over 400 minutes of interactive video. Topics covered:

  • Implement Radiography Health and Safety
  • Understand Anatomical Directional Terminology (Radiography)
  • Identify and Understand the Parts of the X-ray Machine 
  • Understand Exposure Factors (Radiography) 
  • Use Collimation 
  • Prepare for Radiography 
  • X-ray and Image Production
  • Contrast Radiography
  • Use Positioning Aids
  • Understand & Use Grids
  • Digital Radiography
  • Standard Radiographic views and positioning
    • Lateral Views of the Trunk (Thorax & Abdomen)
    • Ventrodorsal Views of the Trunk (Thorax & Abdomen)
    • Dorsoventral Views of the Trunk (Thorax & Abdomen)
    • Ventrodorsal View of the Pelvis (Extended Legs)
    • Lateral View of the Pelvis
    • Lateral View of the Shoulder
    • Caudocranial View of the Shoulder
    • Lateral View of the Elbow (Flexed)
    • Mediolateral View of the Stifle
    • Caudocranial View of the Stifle
    • Lateral View of the Skull
    • Ventrodorsal View of the Skull

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